FCS, FCSII or FUTURES. A brief guide.

fcsii instalation

Fin systems and which one to use?
Another choice to make when choosing your next custom surfboard.

June 25, 2016 by Jeremy Walter

Maldives Dreaming with team rider Micah Lester.


A stunning edit of Micah Lester trip aboard the Ocean Divine in the Maldives.

Harry de Roth, Chilli surfboards Fader.


Team rider Harry de Roth going right on his Chilli surfboards Fader model.

SUPERbrand surfboards reduced to £430.

SUPERbrand surfboards discounted to £430 and still free shipping!

February 03, 2016 by Jeremy Walter

Simon Anderson surfboards.

 Laminations surfboards would like to welcome Harry de Roth on to our team of surfers and test pilots.

Winter barrel fest with Micah Lester


A winter session up north with Micah Lester. Riding his Chilli surfboards Fader. Winter 2014/15.

Laminations surfboards team rider Rhys Barfield

Rhys Barfield with his new quiver getting ready for the WSL Pro Junior in Spain. Good luck to all the UK surfers that traveled there.

July 23, 2015 by Jeremy Walter

Chilli surfboards Peri Peri


Chilli surfboards Peri Peri selling out fast... Only 2 of our current stock left. Chilli surfboards

July 15, 2015 by Jeremy Walter

Free Shipping


Thats right, free shipping to all UK mainland addresses until August 1st 2015.

Have this one on us.


Simon Anderson prototypes.

Surfing prototypes (not official models) is part of my job, better than being in the bay.